we're the styles triplets and we like pizza and music festivals.



remember when demi lovato said one direction was cute then niall’s life flashed before his eyes


missheadoverheart said: I NEED TO UPDATE YOU GURL. My love life is so sad, lemme tell you. I'm at our beach timeshare for a week right? And there's this cute guy I befriended a few years ago. Basically we played soccer last night on the beach to kinda impress him and instead I jammed three toes. Then my friends left me, thinking he'd like, help me out and we'd be all cute. No, that fucker abandons me to catch up with them and i'm left limping after them. It was a total failure.


  -  23 July


that time liam was like “the other day louis came up to me and started giving me a love bite” you mean your bandmate started sucking on your neck???????????

2012 was glorious

"I shouldn’t even be telling you this but… One day, Liam and I were goofing around and we ended up kissing. But it was only a joke. I SWEAR"


this is the most one direction has ever been on my dash since summer 2012


I’m slightly glad Zayn wasn’t at the wedding because if the others looked all so good… IMAGINE ZAYN

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do you see us? do you notice THIS? we’re acting like we did in 2012 , LIKE A DAMN FAMILY POSTING THE SHIT OF EVERYTHING AND BEING HAPPY ,that’s whAT WE FORGOT ABOUT BEING IN A FANDOM, HAVING FUN.