we're the styles triplets and we like pizza and music festivals.


All these things that Harry has been doing…they’re not just important for him. They’re important for all the other LGBT fans who look up to him. They’re important to me. He’s important to me. 

askveronicathesexyassistant said: heres some pictures from a trial shoot, theyre really pretty i think, nothing to, sexual. its just pretty pics of me in lingerie *giggles*

*looks through them* ooh. can we order this one? i like that one. Not as sexual as I thought. Carry on love. - Marcel

  -  28 August




if you started liking arctic monkeys after AM came out i don’t like you

indirect to every arctic monkeys “”“fan”“” at my school

God forbid someone isn’t fortunate enough to be introduced to a band until a v successful album is brought to their attention which they connect to and like and then discover all the music they’ve missed from them. wow sorry people are introduced to bands at different time periods.

askveronicathesexyassistant said: *frowns* whats wrong??

don’t you think its a bit..racy? I mean I’ll support you in what you do, and fuck yeah if you want that job, you’ll rock it because you’re beautiful. - Marcel

  -  27 August

askveronicathesexyassistant said: I got a job! *smiles* Zayn hooked me up with some people and I'll be lingerie modeling for this small company *puts marina on her lap* what do you think?

…..Lingerie modeling….huh…. - Marcel

  -  27 August